Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Small bits of happy

Good morning everyone!

Hope all of you are staying warm if your weather has been the snowy/icy/windy type.  So far, it has been much better than last winter here. It is extremely hard to go out in this weather, so please, be kind and make sure there is no one house-bound due to the weather. Just to see a kind face is sometimes all anyone needs to get over cabin fever:)

The past 3 days I have been hit with the old brain fog.  If some of you don't know what that is, feel lucky!  It is one of the effects of Fibromyalgia.  It is like being drugged, heavily. You know things are going on around you and you hear conversation and noises, but you are very slow to react. Sometimes it lasts for several hours or it can last for days. It makes it hard to think straight and comprehend. That's the part I really hate the most, not thinking straight or comprehending. I have started writing notes about everything and keeping them pinned to my memo board or taped up on my desk.  This way I will remember things or ideas that I need to work on.  I don't drive anymore due to this.  Fibro fog, and the other nice effects this disease has, can hit you at any time.  I do not want to be driving and possibly injure someone.  There are usually no warning signs, at least for me.  That is the thing about this chronic disease. There is no one way that it effects everyone. Anyway, shall we talk about happy things now?  Ok, moving on :)

Have any of you crocheters out there heard of the magazine Simply Crochet?  It is a British magazine, and I love it!  For years I bought Crochet Today magazine.  Sadly, it is no longer in publication.  Don't get me started, as I looked forward to it every other month.  So, when it no longer was on the newsstands, I went looking and found something I loved even more!  Issue 25 of Simply Crochet has many Christmas ideas in it and it also has a pattern for words!  By simply crocheting over jewelry wire, you can make any word you want by simply bending it to form words!  The examples they use are Christmas words: peace, joy, noel. I was flabbergasted when I realized how simple this was!  I am now crocheting up a storm, as I have so many ideas in my head!  Once I get several of the words I want done, I will take pics of them.  Really, such a simple idea to decorate with :)

On the subject of pics, I have horrible lighting in this apartment for pictures. Because I live on the bottom level and there are patios above me, light in the living room is next to nil.  I can only get good light in my bedroom and I am trying to set my room up so I have a place to always take pictures.  Once that is done, I will be posting so many pics you'll tell me to stop!

I need to go for now. I hope you are having a wonderful start to your week. Remember to say I love you to someone everyday, even if it just your own reflection!  Self love matters :)

Until next time,
Hugs from me to you

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nothing happening here

Hello everyone!  How are you doing today?  Are you staying indoors and keeping warm?  I hope that if you are in these snow storms you are safe.  Here in Goshen, IN we are barely seeing snow this year.  Very different than last year.  I read today that Boston has 77" of snow so far!  Where do they put it when they clear the roads? I hope that when it melts, it does so at a very slow pace, to prevent floods.

This week seems to be going by fast some days and drag on for others. Today was a fast day and a tiring one.  My daughter Ashleigh came by and picked up Laura and myself so we could get groceries.  We went to Target, which is never a fast trip!  We always look at everything when we are there!  I always look in the section at the front that has seasonal and holiday items for $1-$3.  I try to pick up the small spools of ribbon, bakers' twine, starters pots of flowers and herbs.  We also look at baby clothes for Little B and cat items for our Leo. Most of the time we get our few grocery items there, especially when they have sells!  Some things, like milk, is usually more expensive and so a trip to Aldi's also happens.  I also got a hair cut.  I have been growing it out over the last year and it was getting very shaggy.  So, I had the sweet beautician cut it up to my shoulders, which meant a 3.5 to 4.5 inches off!  I feel odd with it up to my shoulders!  Now as it grows out more, it will be healthy and nice looking.  After all of this, I came home, put on my pj's and collapsed!  I don't know if it is my Fibro, getting older and in the need to shape-up, but it really makes me tired and achy. That's enough moaning for now!

Do any of you suffer from OCD (obsessive crochet disorder)?  I think I have started 3 or 4 new projects this week.  It's not like I didn't have enough already!  I'm make cute little hearts for Valentine's Day for Laura, still working on a pair of socks/slippers for her, working on 4 blankets and then all sorts of small, easy items.  I'm making things for a Spring wreath, so that will be flowers, leaves, perhaps a baby bunny or chick or bird also. No real pattern, just making it as I go. I'm also starting to do an on-line class with Hands Occupied. The course is by Heidi, a librarian, that knits, crochets and DIYs.  I do know how to knit, but I taught myself years ago and really want some kind of structure to my learning. The class is free and she gives us a little something every week to do.  Check out her blog at handsoccupied.com.

I'm on a reading kick also this week. I'm reading Fry Another Day by J.J.Cook, Under An English heaven by Alice Boatwright (which I have finished ) and the first 2 books in the Someday Quilt series.  Do you read more than one book at a time? I don't really have a problem doing that, but I am positive I could never write more than 1 book at a time.  I would have the characters in all the wrong books, people talking when they really died 3 chapters ago and just general mayhem!

Well, I'm off to warm up my rice bag for my neck and am going to get comfy in bed, read a couple of chapters and hopefully sleep.  Sleep has not been happening much. One of the lovely things that happen to us with chronic diseases.

Until next time, be safe, hug those you love (tell them you love them, too) and remember that you are special and beautiful just the way you are :)


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Will I Ever Learn

I thought I'd chat with you for just a few moments tonight.  I've been watching my grand-baby today,  She just turned 1 in January and does she keep you on your toes! She is toddling around pretty well now and she is a hoot!  Some of the faces she makes and when she has something to tell you about, it really is hard not to laugh!! She gets very dramatic and waves her hands and makes faces.  She's adorable :)

So, the last few days I have been reading tons of opinions about this new book that Miss Harper Lee is going to release.  There is so much that I really don't want to believe about it.  From what I gather, the person that 'found' this lost book is a lawyer in the law firm that Miss Harper's sister worked in and who (whom?), after the retirement of the sister, took over the financial aspects of the sisters.  Miss Harper's sister dies and shortly afterwards, this lost book appeared and Miss Harper gave permission to have it published.

So, here's where I get a tad upset.  I found out that Miss Harper is deaf, mostly blind and doesn't understand much any more.  It has been said that she'll sigh anything you want her to.  She doesn't know any better. With her sister gone, there is no one to protect her.  How could someone do this?  I have no doubt that Miss Harper wrote that book, which would be wonderful to read, but at what cost? I just don't know how to feel about this now.  I really hope that 'it all comes out in the wash', the WHOLE truth.  I am now going to need to keep up on this.  I won't read or purchase the book if it means lining the pocket of someone that has no right to it. Okay, enough of that for now.  It just really gets me upset!

So, what plans do you have for this weekend coming up?  I will have 2 whole days with nothing to do, so I am working on finishing up the last few details to have my book review blog up and running!  I have already written up some reviews of the last several books I have read.  But, I have a super 1st review that I am lining up and I am so excited about it!  I will be interviewing the author of the book!!  So very, very exciting for me!!  So, when all is ready, I will post it on here with a link.  I do hope you will visit the blog.

Well, I think I will go for now.  I hope the weather isn't giving too many of you difficulties.  I think it should just be rather cold here now, with no snow in the forecast.  Have a fun weekend and remember to keep those you love close to your heart, even when they are far away.

Until next time,
Hugs from me to you

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Have you heard the news?

Good afternoon everyone!  It has stopped snowing here, at least for now, but may start again tonight.  We have about 12" on the ground, but the drifts are enormous! The high tomorrow is to be 11, so I'll be wearing socks, thick jeans, sweaters, fingerless gloves and that's inside the house! I get cold real easy and then I can't get warm.  It has to do with my fibromyalgia. I hardly ever over-heat unless it's very humid. I'd much rather get cold!!!  You can add clothes if need be.  It becomes a tad embarrassing if I overheat :)

I'm still working on setting up my book review blog. I am pretty sure that it will be tomorrow, but I'll let you know. I have so many books to read.  Is there ever enough time to read?  This month I will be getting my things out of storage (!!!!) and will be putting my bookshelves up around the apartment. I am so excited to have all my books finally!  It's like Christmas and seeing good friends all at once! I am hoping to buy a Kindle soon (girls, are you reading this?  Birthday month!). I have Kindle on my computer, but even though it is a small laptop, it is awkward to read books on it. To date, I think I have 120 books on it!  I can't get enough books!!!  I am very picky when I put things on the Kindle for computer.  I make sure it is a book I will read, but do you realize how many wonderful books there are out there?  Anyway, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for an actual Kindle and will be working toward my book blog reveal!  Now, to the news.

I don't know how it affected you guys, but when I found out this morning that Harper Lee wrote another book that pre-dates To Kill A Mockingbird and it is going to be released in July, I almost went through the roof!!!  Oh my stars I am so excited!!  I have always loved Harper Lee and would be honored if I ever had the chance to meet her. The book is entitled Go Set A Watchman.  It is to go on sell July 14 and in America will be published by Harper Collins. I am not sure if I will calm down before July, but I know that I will be in Do-Not-Disturb mode from the 14th until I finish the book! Be still be heart!

I hope all of you are staying warm.  If you are living in the areas with this snowstorm, please take extra care when traveling. Stay home, stay warm and if you know of someone that may be in difficulties due to this weather, help them out. It's all about being there for one another.

Until next time, safe blessing are coming your way.  Remember to love, laugh and live everyday.  Hugs from me to you.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy February!

Well, I decided to skip January altogether.  It was a month that dragged by, at least it seemed like that to me. I couldn't focus on reading or writing or crocheting.  Maybe it was just a bad Fibro month for me.  I did start some books and some crochet projects, even cut out some new sewing projects, but none of them are finished.
Today is February 1st and I think winter is making up for time lost!  It started snowing in the early morning and has not stopped.  So far, we have 9" and are projected to get 10"-15"!! I don't know how it really looks outside of my apartment complex.  We are off the main street, but our complex is not looking good. We get drifting back here and as of an hour ago, I can't see any sidewalk, the parking lot looks bad, we have drifting up to our windows (bottom floor apartment) and it looked almost like white-out conditions!  Hopefully it doesn't stick around for long.  Going out to the grocers is almost a must, but there's always pancakes at the ready!
How many of you are watching the Superbowl?  Until people mentioned it in their blogs or on Facebook, I didn't realize it was today!  I haven't followed football of a while.  I liked following it when I was younger and my Dad was alive.  We lived in El Paso, Texas and it was a given thing that you rooted for the Dallas Cowboys!  I was the rebel; my team was the Redskins!  If my Dad and I talked football, he would talk about the players for Dallas.  I would say I didn't know this or that because I didn't follow the Cowboys.  He'd just shake his head and smile.  I was definitely the odd one out!
I'm in the process of starting a book review blog.  I hope to review at least once a week and will be covering different genres. While mysteries are my first love, I have come out of my comfort zone and expanded my tastes. I will be occasionally reviewing crafting books as well.  I hope to have this done this week.  I am also going to be blogging more.  I always have so much to say and when it comes time to type it all out, I think my fingers and brain are on different plains!
I hope all of you will be safe during these winter storms.  Drive slow and careful and avoid going out unless it really is an emergency.  Coffee, tea, toilet paper and peanut butter denotes emergency trip in our house :)
Until next time,