Monday, September 28, 2015

September and a Wish From My Bucket List

September has been a funny month. Some of the days have flown by so quickly I couldn't catch my breath.  Others found me groaning when I realized it was only 9 am and I felt like it was midnight.  Do you have days like that?

I am so glad that the humidity of this summer seems to be steadily decreasing this month. Not by leaps and bounds, which is what I was wishing for, but a small percent each day. My bones are very happy! While I have been around this humidity-filled state for 17 years, I still have trouble with it. Maybe it's my age or perhaps my ever-increasing arthritis, but I still don't like it! Being born in the desert, humidity is something I did not, and still don't, understand!

Have you ever noticed that when one happy moment comes, not far down the line comes a sad one? This month, I lost a dear aunt. She had gone into hospital to have surgery on a blockage and did not make it. She was 82. She was a talented woman.She taught English at high school level, was an accomplished pianist and made the best pies you ever hoped to eat. She was a wife, mom, sister, aunt, grandma and great-grandma. We will all miss her terribly. We also found out that one of my grand-daughters is deaf on one side. It was discovered during her entrance physical for kindergarten. This past Friday, the doctors performed an out-patient surgery to try and repair a hole in her ear. It doesn't look good, as the hole is much bigger than they at first thought.  In 4 weeks, they will see how it is and then make a decision about more extensive surgery. When it rains, it pours. On a happy note, the new grand-baby that is due around Valentine's Day is a boy!! The boys are finally catching up to the girls in this family. It's about time!

Today my youngest, Laura, turns 16! How that happened so quickly is mind-blowing! She is a wonderful young lady, a talented artist, a musician and a wonderful aunt.  I am so proud of her and love her dearly.

So now onto that Bucket List wish. I actually have several Bucket Lists; is that normal? This one falls under Places I Want To Go. If you have read my blog or Facebook or just have talked to me, you know that I love the UK. I have always been drawn to it and could see myself living there and being very, very happy. Each year, in Skipton, Yorkshire, there is a yarn festival named Yarndale. It takes place in the end of September and is a site to behold! The pathway, the light poles, the trees and the Exhibition Hall are all decorated in yarn! Remembering that it was this past weekend, I was reminded of something: a part of me has actually been in Skipton for the past two years! Happy dance moment! You see, each year there is a sort of theme at Yarndale. In 2013 there was bunting, so the Hall was decorated. In 2014, there was a mandala wall. This year, it was flowers for Alzheimer's. In 2013,I made 50 bunting triangles, 2014 I made mandalas. So while my actual body was not in the UK, my crochet work was and that is good enough for me. :) The items are used every year and new ones are placed each year also.  If you have not seen the wonder that is Yarndale, google it. There is a photo gallery and even a shop where you can buy tea towels or totes with the Yarndale sheep on them. They are, by the way, adorable!! I have tote bage from all three years and they are huge bags, just right for holding lots of yarn. :)

Well, that's about all the news from here. As usual, I have been crafting from dawn to dusk, making birthday goodies and getting a start on Christmas things. Now, I must bake a cake, or someone might be a tad upset.

Until next time, laugh with friends, love those around you and live life to the fullest. Remember, you are one-of-a-kind, which makes you pretty special.