Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July So Far

Hello!  I hope all of you had a nice, peaceful July 4th.  We stayed home, but could hear the fireworks going off all around. In years past we would go to the golf course that is near by. They always put on a program before dusk and then end with the fireworks. It made for a long evening and yet was always nice.  

Somehow it seems like I have lost touch with routine.  I am a creature of routine.  Even the little things have always needed to be done at a certain time, in a certain order. I thought I was OCD, but my daughter said she didn't think you can only be OCD about certain things. Who knows, not me!  Anyway, I seem to be doing the same type of thing constantly and disregarding other things. Example: For about 2 weeks all I wanted to do was crochet.  Now, that may not sound too bad, but I wouldn't want to do anything else. Yes, I took care of Laura and cooked, cleaned, etc., yet if I had a spare second, I picked up my hook and started in.  That lasted until reading started taking over. Again, not a bad thing.  It took the place of crocheting.  If I stopped for a second, I picked up my book and started in.  Maybe it's the weather or the time of year.  I just know that I need to find a way to spend time with everything the way it once was. Does this type of thing happen to you?  Please say yes so I don't feel like I've been cooped up too long and am going mad!

In all of the crocheting I had been doing, I finished a project that I was working on for a friend.  One of the blogs I read is by Alex Halsey.  Her blog is Crocheting Thru Chronic Diseases With Alex.  She is a sweet girl with a heart of gold.  Her sister died very suddenly a while back and she wanted to do something as a memory project. She asked us to crochet stars, with a hanging loop. So, on July 13, she will be hanging all the stars in the trees at her parents' home. July 13 was her sisters' birthday.  I crocheted 120 stars and sent them to her.  She has received stars from many people, some even from across the world!  I feel so happy about helping her in this memorial to her sister.  Sometimes, it's the little things that make life so special.

Last night, as I was watching NCIS on my laptop, I moved my right foot, in a normal way, and pain shot up my leg. Now, pain shoots up my legs, through arms, down my back, etc. all the time.  Happens when you have certain diseases.  This was different. It was my knee. Long story short, this normally happens to my left leg. It was the first time it has happened to my right knee. My knee cap seems to have a mind of its own and sort of snaps apart.  When it snaps back together, it sometimes snaps back at an angle. It's a tad painful and makes walking properly tons of fun! It stays like this till it decides to snap back in position.  Until it does, I do a lot of massaging on it and baby it. So today I decided to obtain a walker, as it is safer than my cane or crutches when this happens. Hopefully my knee will decided to play nice sometime soon. 

That's about it for now.  I need to put my leg up for a bit.  I hope all of you are having a fun summer so far.  There still is time to enjoy the sun, flowers, hikes, beaches or what ever you do to bask in the summertime.

Until next time,