Monday, August 4, 2014

Not what I wanted to do

I had a blog about all my summer doings that was  rolling around in my mind.  It was to be filled with pictures of projects I had started or finished, what we had done during this school break, etc.  Well, it will need to wait.  This morning, as I was rinsing out my hair, my back decided it need to stop me in my tracks!  About twice a year, my back decides to totally take over my life and go on strike!  So I have been sitting on the couch, heat on my back, still in my pj's, all day long!  Laura hooked up my laptop for me (thank goodness it is light weight), but it would be a very big hassle to find the space to hook up my passport which has all of my photos!  So, for now, no pics.

This summer is going by quickly.  Laura starts school on Thursday of this week.  I still find it hard to believe that my youngest is going to be a high school sophomore!  Am I really that old?  This will be the last year she will attend full time high school.  Starting her junior year, she will be attending a technical school, half day, to study cosmetology.  She has always had a love of hair styling and makeup, so she has decided to get her license.  She plans on becoming an animator, so while she learns that field, she will be able to have a job to support herself.  Not that I'm kicking her out!  I really wouldn't know what to do with myself if she wasn't here.

I've been keeping myself occupied this summer with several crochet projects. I crocheted 2 buntings, using a pattern Lucy, of attitc24, wrote for Simply Crochet Magazine.  I made two because I couldn't decide between blue or pink bunting.  One can never have too much bunting!  I also made the cushion cover and tote that Lucy designed.  All of the patterns came from Simply Crochet magazine.  I'm also starting a jacket and scarf for Laura's birthday.  Where were these patterns from?  Simply Crochet magazine!  Now, I'm not being paid for this, I just love the magazine!  It is the only treat I give myself and I cannot wait for it to be delivered to me!  I found out about it from Lucy's blog.  Starting with issue 14, Lucy began writing an article. She talks about various crochet goodness, from colour to stitches, and how it has influenced her life.  She has colour ideas that I love!  Bright and full of life!  So, as soon as I can actually walk back to my room and use the computer there, I will have pics for you of all my crochet goodies!

I am going to eat my dinner now, so I'll wish you a good evening.  Until next time, enjoy life to the fullest! Share a laugh with someone and treat yourself to something special!