Monday, June 4, 2012

A Jubilee and some bragging

England is in the midst of a jubilee.  Queen Elizabeth II is being honored for 60 years as England's Queen.  I have been watching some of the proceedings on BBC and listening to many interviews.  I realize that many Americans do not know anything about England and their Queen, many don't care.  I, for one, have grandfathers that hail from British ancestry.  I have dreamed of living in England since a child.  To live in a small village, in an ivy covered cottage, own a yarn shop and have a Corgi as a companion.  I hope that still happens.  I do hope that you take a look at all of the various videos from the last few days.  Tomorrow night will be the last of the public celebrations, but I do believe that England will still be celebrating, and honoring, Queen Elizabeth II for many years to come.

Now I would like to do a bit of motherly bragging!

This is my youngest daughter, Laura.  She has just completed her first year of public school, the 7th grade.  Until this year, she has always been home schooled.  I didn't think she would have 'social problems', like home schoolers are often accused of.  I had just hoped that the schooling we had done was sufficient.

I am happy to say, not only did she make straight A's, on her ISTEP's, she made all Pass  +!  For those of you not from Indiana, ISTEP's are tests for Mathematics, Language Arts and Social Studies.  Not easy at all.  She also has applied for advanced classes in 8th grade Mathematics, Language and Foreign Language.  If she passes those three advanced classes for her 8th-12th grades, she will be able to test for an International Diploma!  I am so very proud of her!

I have been sewing, crocheting, cross-stitching, and even knitting almost constantly this last week!  If all goes well, I shall show you some of it in the next several days.  I seem to be able to focus better this last week, which is very good.  I don't like Fibro Fog!

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend.  Hoping your days are filled with sunshine, cool weather and lots of flowery, springy things!