Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Have you heard the news?

Good afternoon everyone!  It has stopped snowing here, at least for now, but may start again tonight.  We have about 12" on the ground, but the drifts are enormous! The high tomorrow is to be 11, so I'll be wearing socks, thick jeans, sweaters, fingerless gloves and that's inside the house! I get cold real easy and then I can't get warm.  It has to do with my fibromyalgia. I hardly ever over-heat unless it's very humid. I'd much rather get cold!!!  You can add clothes if need be.  It becomes a tad embarrassing if I overheat :)

I'm still working on setting up my book review blog. I am pretty sure that it will be tomorrow, but I'll let you know. I have so many books to read.  Is there ever enough time to read?  This month I will be getting my things out of storage (!!!!) and will be putting my bookshelves up around the apartment. I am so excited to have all my books finally!  It's like Christmas and seeing good friends all at once! I am hoping to buy a Kindle soon (girls, are you reading this?  Birthday month!). I have Kindle on my computer, but even though it is a small laptop, it is awkward to read books on it. To date, I think I have 120 books on it!  I can't get enough books!!!  I am very picky when I put things on the Kindle for computer.  I make sure it is a book I will read, but do you realize how many wonderful books there are out there?  Anyway, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for an actual Kindle and will be working toward my book blog reveal!  Now, to the news.

I don't know how it affected you guys, but when I found out this morning that Harper Lee wrote another book that pre-dates To Kill A Mockingbird and it is going to be released in July, I almost went through the roof!!!  Oh my stars I am so excited!!  I have always loved Harper Lee and would be honored if I ever had the chance to meet her. The book is entitled Go Set A Watchman.  It is to go on sell July 14 and in America will be published by Harper Collins. I am not sure if I will calm down before July, but I know that I will be in Do-Not-Disturb mode from the 14th until I finish the book! Be still be heart!

I hope all of you are staying warm.  If you are living in the areas with this snowstorm, please take extra care when traveling. Stay home, stay warm and if you know of someone that may be in difficulties due to this weather, help them out. It's all about being there for one another.

Until next time, safe blessing are coming your way.  Remember to love, laugh and live everyday.  Hugs from me to you.

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  1. I had no idea that she was still alive. How wonderful that she wrote another book :)

    Stay warm!