Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy February!

Well, I decided to skip January altogether.  It was a month that dragged by, at least it seemed like that to me. I couldn't focus on reading or writing or crocheting.  Maybe it was just a bad Fibro month for me.  I did start some books and some crochet projects, even cut out some new sewing projects, but none of them are finished.
Today is February 1st and I think winter is making up for time lost!  It started snowing in the early morning and has not stopped.  So far, we have 9" and are projected to get 10"-15"!! I don't know how it really looks outside of my apartment complex.  We are off the main street, but our complex is not looking good. We get drifting back here and as of an hour ago, I can't see any sidewalk, the parking lot looks bad, we have drifting up to our windows (bottom floor apartment) and it looked almost like white-out conditions!  Hopefully it doesn't stick around for long.  Going out to the grocers is almost a must, but there's always pancakes at the ready!
How many of you are watching the Superbowl?  Until people mentioned it in their blogs or on Facebook, I didn't realize it was today!  I haven't followed football of a while.  I liked following it when I was younger and my Dad was alive.  We lived in El Paso, Texas and it was a given thing that you rooted for the Dallas Cowboys!  I was the rebel; my team was the Redskins!  If my Dad and I talked football, he would talk about the players for Dallas.  I would say I didn't know this or that because I didn't follow the Cowboys.  He'd just shake his head and smile.  I was definitely the odd one out!
I'm in the process of starting a book review blog.  I hope to review at least once a week and will be covering different genres. While mysteries are my first love, I have come out of my comfort zone and expanded my tastes. I will be occasionally reviewing crafting books as well.  I hope to have this done this week.  I am also going to be blogging more.  I always have so much to say and when it comes time to type it all out, I think my fingers and brain are on different plains!
I hope all of you will be safe during these winter storms.  Drive slow and careful and avoid going out unless it really is an emergency.  Coffee, tea, toilet paper and peanut butter denotes emergency trip in our house :)
Until next time,


  1. We went to a Super Bowl party, but I must say that it was more fun to watch the ads! Actually, the game was quite good this year.

    I hope February is more productive for you - a book review blog sounds great. Are you familiar with the mystery writer Anne Perry? I just turned my son's fiancee onto them and like me, she read both her series in their entirety

  2. I watched the beginning, the halftime and the end of the game, because I was painting, but I hear it was good.

    No winter storms here. I guess all of our winter weather went east.