Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nothing happening here

Hello everyone!  How are you doing today?  Are you staying indoors and keeping warm?  I hope that if you are in these snow storms you are safe.  Here in Goshen, IN we are barely seeing snow this year.  Very different than last year.  I read today that Boston has 77" of snow so far!  Where do they put it when they clear the roads? I hope that when it melts, it does so at a very slow pace, to prevent floods.

This week seems to be going by fast some days and drag on for others. Today was a fast day and a tiring one.  My daughter Ashleigh came by and picked up Laura and myself so we could get groceries.  We went to Target, which is never a fast trip!  We always look at everything when we are there!  I always look in the section at the front that has seasonal and holiday items for $1-$3.  I try to pick up the small spools of ribbon, bakers' twine, starters pots of flowers and herbs.  We also look at baby clothes for Little B and cat items for our Leo. Most of the time we get our few grocery items there, especially when they have sells!  Some things, like milk, is usually more expensive and so a trip to Aldi's also happens.  I also got a hair cut.  I have been growing it out over the last year and it was getting very shaggy.  So, I had the sweet beautician cut it up to my shoulders, which meant a 3.5 to 4.5 inches off!  I feel odd with it up to my shoulders!  Now as it grows out more, it will be healthy and nice looking.  After all of this, I came home, put on my pj's and collapsed!  I don't know if it is my Fibro, getting older and in the need to shape-up, but it really makes me tired and achy. That's enough moaning for now!

Do any of you suffer from OCD (obsessive crochet disorder)?  I think I have started 3 or 4 new projects this week.  It's not like I didn't have enough already!  I'm make cute little hearts for Valentine's Day for Laura, still working on a pair of socks/slippers for her, working on 4 blankets and then all sorts of small, easy items.  I'm making things for a Spring wreath, so that will be flowers, leaves, perhaps a baby bunny or chick or bird also. No real pattern, just making it as I go. I'm also starting to do an on-line class with Hands Occupied. The course is by Heidi, a librarian, that knits, crochets and DIYs.  I do know how to knit, but I taught myself years ago and really want some kind of structure to my learning. The class is free and she gives us a little something every week to do.  Check out her blog at

I'm on a reading kick also this week. I'm reading Fry Another Day by J.J.Cook, Under An English heaven by Alice Boatwright (which I have finished ) and the first 2 books in the Someday Quilt series.  Do you read more than one book at a time? I don't really have a problem doing that, but I am positive I could never write more than 1 book at a time.  I would have the characters in all the wrong books, people talking when they really died 3 chapters ago and just general mayhem!

Well, I'm off to warm up my rice bag for my neck and am going to get comfy in bed, read a couple of chapters and hopefully sleep.  Sleep has not been happening much. One of the lovely things that happen to us with chronic diseases.

Until next time, be safe, hug those you love (tell them you love them, too) and remember that you are special and beautiful just the way you are :)


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