Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

   The Easter lily is a symbol of purity, virtue, innocence, hope and life.  It has also been called "the white robed apostle of hope".  It has been said that when Eve was banished from the Garden of Eden, her fallen tears turned into lilies.  The lily was found growing in Gethsemane after Christ's agony.

   The lily was originally brought to America by a tourist that had been in Japan.  By 1941, America was importing the lily bulbs in great quantities.  Today, they are mostly grown in Oregon-California coastal areas.  About 11.5 million bulbs are shipped to local greenhouses each year for Easter.

   I hope that all of you have a wonderful Easter.  As you celebrate this day with family and friends, stop and remember what the day is really all about.


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  1. Thanks for your story of the Easter lily. I hope this day and this season bring many blessings for you and your daughter. Jed and I had a great time during his visit. We looked at a marvelous house on top of a mountain, and almost decided to buy it, but of course we calmed down in a couple of hours. He has to fly to California tomorrow, and naturally I worry when he's flying. But the Lord will take care of him.