Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Warmer weather and knitting

   Good morning!  Hope you are having a wonderful morning so far!  Yesterday was a doozy!  Not only was it windy, cold and 38 degrees, it also SNOWED!  Now, I know it wasn't much and it did not stick, but that is trivial!  I almost thought I was hallucinating!  So many people have already put in flowers, trees, etc.  I've only lived here 13 years, but I know you don't plant until May!

   I have really gotten the knitting bug!  I am  slow right now, so I'm not knitting any baby clothes.  The babies might be in 3rd grade when I finished their booties!  I have fallen in love with the Debbie Bliss books.  My favorite one so far is ' The Knitter's Year'.  It is broken down into the four seasons, each having several projects.  I am working on one in the Spring section.  I will show you that in a few days.


   These are some of the projects in the book.  The pink baby cardigan is so cute and seeing it is worked in seed stitch, the sleeves can be turned up and the collar turned back without seeing the 'wrong side'.  These flags are also cute!  I really love anything British.  .

    I have also been reading a book series by Gil McNeil.  The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club is the first book.  It is about a young woman and her two sons moving from London to a town on the coast and the woman running her granny's yarn shop.  I am almost finished with it and will start the next in the series.  I do recommend this book.  It is a good read and it shows just what a single mom can do.  I say BRAVO for the bravery and stamina of single moms!

   That's all for now.  I hope the day brings to you good times, warm weather and many blessings.



  1. I've tried to post something already, but it didn't take. I probably did it wrong. Just said hope you have good spring weather soon.

    I learned to knit a long time ago, and always wanted to make a "sampler" bedspread. But I neve got started on it.

  2. Hey Deb, I don't think I knew you had a bog. I just discovered it and I love it. Send me your mailing address to and watch your mail for a surprise. :-)

  3. Shoot, I gave you the wrong address. Make that

  4. Those books look great, Debbie Bliss always has lovely patterns.
    Ali x