Thursday, September 4, 2014

I love mail!

I have always loved receiving mail. It really doesn't matter if it is a letter or parcel, I love it.  It makes me think that something special is about to happen. Not that I mind getting an e-mail or a text (when I had a cell phone), but nothing is better than a letter or parcel.  It means someone took their time to do something for you.  Just an opinion, and I'm old, so that explains that!

 In the last ten days I have been a happy camper when I went to my mailbox, as I received not 1, not 2 but 3 lovely surprises! The first was the latest edition of Simply Crochet Magazine.  It is filled with wonderful, colourful crochet ideas!  A sweater that is just right for Autumn, or Spring, done in a cashmere silk yarn. The tote bag, done in Tunisian crochet, with swans floating around it, will be one that I will start after Christmas. There is a bunting that has ice cream cones worked into it. Adorable for summer! The gift for this month is an owl key ring. I am working that for Laura's birthday. And, as always, an article from Attic 24's Lucy. She shows us amazing mandalas, which are being used for Yarndale 2014. In need of a colour fix?  That will do the job!

Next, I received a book/magazine which I had ordered from Simply Crochet, entitled Your Crochet Home.  It contains 115 patterns and is another colour fest!  Several blankets, a lampshade (which is now on my list of to-dos!), pillows, jar cozies, basket liner.  The thing I have been wanting to try is crochet picture frames and hoop art and both are in this! Can't wait to start in on these!

I have saved the best for last. It was a book that I had been waiting for and it also became the first mail I received from New Zealand! What was it, you may be asking?  Why it was Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon!  This is an adorable book written by Kate Bruning, who writes the Greedy For Colour blog.  Let me tell you a little about Kate and Stanley, in case you have not had the pleasure of meeting them.

Kate lives in New Zealand with her husband Jonno and her two sons Archie and Hugo. Kate has a wonderful imagination and is not afraid to use it and to show us how to use ours.  She has a love of colour, which you can see through her crochet, and her home. Even the books she reads and blogs about have colourful covers!

Kate not only creates for her family and home, she has been featured in Simply Crochet Magazine several times. Her projects have been on the cover twice (that I know of), and in issue 22 her son, Archie, is featured, talking about children and crochet. Stanley is also featured in the issue. Now on to Stanley!

Who is this Stanley fellow and why is he in a hot air balloon?  Well, Stanley is a rabbit who is craving a little adventure. He wants to see new places and meet new people but is unfortunately stuck on the ground.  His mother has given Stanley a balloon, for being a good little rabbit, but he wants more. When he has a bit of a fit (really, Stanley is a very good rabbit most of the time), his mother tucks him into bed.  This is when the adventures start for Stanley!  No more will be revealed about the adventure, as it would be too much of a spoiler, and you really must get this book and read about it yourself!

Now, Kate has wrote this lovely story, but it doesn't end there.  She has made a whole world for Stanley!  His house is amazing and his mother is a cute mommy rabbit.  Kate has made table, chairs, mushrooms, mice, blankets and rugs. She has even designed the hot air balloon!  My favourite is the baby nursery! Seriously, you must get this book!  It is a work of art! The best thing is that patterns for Stanley and many of the things in the pictures are in the back of the book!  Kate also has posted instructions for some of the items on her blog.

Now Kate would be modest about all of this, but she needs not be. She is a master crafter and combined with her wonderful sense of imagination, she does brilliant things!  I would like to point out that her husband Jonno and her two sons, Archie and Hugo, helped her create the wonderful world of Stanley. This family truly crafts some amazing things!

All of my family is delighted with this book. My daughter Laura, who is an amazing artist, thought it was wonderful, especially when she found out that Kate and her family made everything you see in the book.  My daughter Ashleigh could not believe it either.  But I took it to the toughest critic anyone can have:  I showed it to my grand-daughter.  Now mind you, Little B is only 7 months old, but she thought it was wonderful!  I sat her on my lap, and told her who each bunny was, pointed out all the things on the pages.  She would look at what I pointed to, then look at me and burble on in her baby talk!  When I got to the part when Stanley is in the balloon, she went nuts!  Banging on the book, looking up at me, yelling something in baby talk!  She really loves this book!

For Christmas, Laura and I are making some of the things in the book for Little B. I'll share the pics when we have finished.  

My, this was a long post! I really am trying to post more.  I just need to tell life to stop being crazy!

I do hope all of you had an amazing summer!  It still is hot here for September, but I'll take it.  Although I can't wait for all the leaves to change colour!

Until next time, remember to live life!  Get outside, talk to new people, eat new foods, read a new book.  Take advantage of all the good things the world has to give.  Me, I'm trying a little something new each day!

Have a good week.  Remember, there's always tomorrow and it will be a new day to start again!

Many hugs,


  1. Thank you so much Deb - your review made my day! Now I can't wait to see what you make. Take care and I love your blog, Love Kate. xx.

  2. You kindly commented on my blog so I followed you 'home' and found this lovely write up of Kate and Stanley, daughter Kate! Such a thrill! I suppose you could say I'm Stanley's grandmother although my ears aren't quite so long, nor my whiskers either for that matter! Thankyou for visiting me! xx