Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Good Morning!  I'd like to say that Autumn has begun, but we still have several days of 80 degree temps. Starting Thursday, it looks promising, as the highs will be in the low 60's.

When I was growing up, I lived in El Paso, Texas.  It was a desert.  It was very common to have temps in the high 90's by April and in the 100's by the end of May.  I love that kind of heat!  It feels good on the skin and the bones have no aches.  We didn't have central air.  We had what is known as a swamp cooler.  Ours was on our roof and I longed for my Dad to get up there and hook up the water, change the pads( I don't know what they were made of, but they crunched), and turn in on.  Not so much because I was hot, but because of the smell.  It was wonderful!  You could smell the water.  It had the smell of Spring, like when it rains or when you cut your grass for the first time in the season.  Those smells always bring back the memory of Spring to me.

Summer was always fun for me.  I was an only child for my first 9 years, but I was never lonely.  I had a dog, which I trained for dog shows, and Summer was when I did more training.  I was blessed to have a library around the corner from me and I was always there!  I could spend hours there. I became the reader I am because my Dad instilled it in me. I had 2 peach trees in my backyard that my Dad planted for me when I was 4.  I couldn't wait for the buds to appear, as it signaled Spring!

Winter really never was around my city.  Sure, to us it seemed like Winter, as the temps went down to 40, but it only snowed twice in my 18 years of living there: the day I was born and when I was 12.  Both times the snow was gone by noon. I did own a wool hat and gloves, both a present from my Dad and I still have them!

The season that means the most to me is Autumn. I think it is the most beautiful season.  The leaves on the trees change to such rich colours.  The fields turn the gold colour that signals harvest.  The night skies seem to be brighter and the moon...well what can one say about a harvest moon.  Nothing smells as good as Autumn.  Not only the woods, with their musky, rich scents, but the food.  Sure, a summer grill is a smell sensation, but nothing beats an Autumn grill!  We have a lot of tail-gating going on here, as we are near Notre Dame.  The stadium and parking lots are abundant with sausage, brats and burger smells. At home, there are the soups and stews in the crock-pots and on the back burners.  Maple and pumpkin pancakes, muffins and even coffees!  Pies seem more the mood of the season and one can never stop eating them!

The other thing I love about Autumn are the colours in the clothes.  Sure, you can wear all the shades anytime, but they seem to be more brilliant in the Autumn.  Burgundies are are richer, oranges are deeper, greens seem stronger.  The Autumn colours seem to blend easier, flowing better.  I am always hoping for the cool mornings and evenings.  There is nothing I love more than sitting outside, sipping a hot cider or a spiced coffee, feeling that cool air and snuggling up in an over-sized sweater. Who doesn't like watching the steam swirl around your mug of warm goodness?  Or your breath making those little puffs when you exhale?  Yes, I am so looking forward to the beginning of Autumn!

I must go for now.  Laura is home from school today, so I need to make her breakfast.  Yesterday was hard on her at school and she had several anxiety episodes, so I've kept her home, hoping it will help calm her down.

I hope your day is going well.  Remember that there is always something to be happy about.  Sometimes it can be something as small as a smile from a stranger.  Maybe you can be that stranger for someone else.

Until next time, stay safe, tell those around you how much you love them, and remember you are never really alone.


( sorry this doesn't have any photos, I have my 7 month old grand-daughter and it was all I could do to type)

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  1. I did enjoy reading your post. Interesting to hear about living in El Paso, a place I've heard about but had no idea of what it would be like living there especially as a child. I think you were so lucky to have a library nearby, I was in the middle of four brothers, 2 older, 2 younger and I learnt to love reading early on, and now, in retirement we have a library 5 minutes away...bliss! I too think Autumn is my favourite season, I always think the colours feed my soul? The richness of the colours, the scent of the leaves as they drop and become moist as they decompose where they lie. xx