Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Colourful World

How are you doing this gorgeous day?  We are having a touch of cool weather, windy and some clouds, but at least spring seems to be here to stay! It was a long winter!
I have always thought that the colours you surround yourself with affect your mood tremendously.  Flowers in the house when the dark, grey days of winter loom over us.  Blues in the bedrooms help us to rest easier.  For me, even a box of crayons can brighten my day. With this said, I would like to share with you a blog that positively brightens my day hands down.

Attic 24 is written by the lovely Lucy.  She resides in England with her husband and their 3 children. Lucy talks about her days with her family, the school run, the market, having a cup of coffee, going to the Knit and Natter. Every one of these has one common thing: colour, heart-swooning, breath-taking colour. 

Lucy can make something as simple as sitting in her garden or hanging out the wash a major colour explosion.  Her cups for her coffee are colourful, her pots of flowers have little crocheted holders, even her crochet hooks are pretty.  

Did I mention that Lucy is also a crocheter?  Not just the run of the mill crocheter, but a brilliant one!  From the basic granny square blanket, to the ripple blanket.  The flower pillow or the raindrop cushion.  When Lucy picks up her crochet hook, the ideas and the colours seem to just flow out of her. 

Lucy shares a little studio above a cafe with Tracy, who blogs at Patchwork Chickens. There they work on projects to teach at classes they hold.  

Lucy  used the studio last September for her main Yarndale work.  Yarndale is a festival that was held last year for the first time.  One of Lucy's ideas for Yarndale was to make bunting for the hall that Yarndale was held in.  Not only was bunting made from people all over the world, me included, but Lucy and friends yarn-bombed the trees and the little bridge had ducks, crocheted ducks!
 Yarndale did so well that it will be held again this September.  Lucy and friends will once again astonish the crowds!

Please go to Attic24 and see for yourself the brilliant colours that Lucy creates.

I will leave you the links for the blogs I have mentioned.  As for me, I must go for now.  As always, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Hug a love one, laugh out loud and remember that you are special.

Until next time....

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