Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Days

I'm sure, by now, you might be thinking this winter may never end.  I know that I have started using some choice words to describe the days!  I love the snow and winter, but this is seriously starting to get ridiculous!  Wednesday and today the children had a snow day. I think today is either day 7 or 8 they will need to make up. We do have a built-in snow day calendar, but not this many!  I've lost count on how many delayed starts they have had.  The state board is trying to come up with ways to make up all of this lost time.  I am glad Laura is not a senior, as I am sure the seniors are missing opportunities.  Hopefully we will have a glorious spring!

I  have been trying out new things for the blog.  Having Laura home has helped, as she knows much more about computer tech than I do.  So, the next few blogs may have different looks until I hit on one I like.  Please, feel free to make suggestions.  They would be very valuable help. 

What has been keeping you busy?  I have been crocheting, which I do everyday.  It's for my hands and really, at times, peace.  I also have been knitting again.  Now, I had knit before, 30+ years ago, and had started several years back again.  It seems like I get too busy for knitting or I want a project that is fast.  I really knit slow!  Several weeks ago, daughter #3 called when she went into labor and I took up those long forgotten, dusty needles and knit a pair of booties while I waited for the news!  I will say that since then, I knit most days and have made another pair of booties, a scarf and am starting on fingerless gloves.  Nothing real complicated for now, just knitting to remember the stitches and find my rhythm again.  

I am going to try to do a book review once a week.  I have so many books and use my library constantly.  I love reading, do you?  I sometimes find that I get stuck in a rut with genres.  So, I try to read at least one book a month that makes me step out of my reading comfort zone.  I also look for new authors.  It's great to stumble upon an author that you just click with.  Some of my favourite authors have been found like this.

I will leave you for now.  I hope that you are staying safe, warm and cosy where you are.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Hug your loved ones, laugh with a friend and above all, remember that you are special!



  1. Thanks Deb for your lovely comment on my blog. I like Attic 24 (she actually lives about 40 mins away from me) and Pink Milk for their crochet tutorials. Nice to meet you, I will follow your blog. Keep in touch, Sally@Lavender Attic

    1. Sally,
      I have just started reading Heather's blog(Pink Milk) and love it! How lucky you are to live so close to Lucy! Did you attend Yarndale? It's on my bucket list to make it there one year soon! Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions, please tell me! I am going to be putting on photos and still mess around with fonts and placing. I do get help from my girl, Laura. She's a wiz at it!
      Have a wonderful weekend!