Friday, February 14, 2014

A Day Of Love

Good morning, everyone!  I hope all of you are well, safe and warm today!  

I can't believe the weather!  Even the places that have a good amount of snow in the winter are suffering this year.  Here in Indiana, while there has been snow, it is the wind chill that has been horrid.  I do not remember wind chills like this in the 15 years I have lived here.  Hopefully that will mean a very mild summer.

Do you have plans for this day of love?  I don't.   I am not married anymore nor do I have a significant other.  Do I feel left out?  Good heavens, no!  I have have my daughters, and grandchildren, and I have my cat, Keeko.  What else does one need?

I just popped in today to say hello and I hope that on this day of love, you remember that the first person that needs your love is you!  Love yourself, you are special and don't forget it!

Happy weekend!

Till next time,


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