Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busy, busy, busy


   How are you today?  Did you have a good long weekend?  I have been busy as a bee!  I have a habit of finding too many wonderful things to do and trying to do them all at once!  This weekend, I have found a baby layette that is so adorable, just calling out to me, that I have made the hat and am starting on the little jacket!  Who is getting this layette?  No clue, just one of those things I knew I must make!  I have also found out that I can make socks!  Not knitted ones, but crocheted ones!  I am thrilled!  I have worked 45 rows on a blanket for my bed, have learn the Tunisian stitch in crochet and lastly, I have started knitting again!  Yes, I have very tired fingers!

   I have been thinking of opening an Etsy shop.  So many of you out in blog land have one.  I hopefully will be able to have enough items to start one by spring.  I know that having a good number of items made ahead of time seems to be the advice of Etsy sellers.  Any suggestions?

   It has started to snow again.  Last week, it seemed as though we may be having an early spring, but no such luck!  I really had some bad thoughts this morning when I looked out my kitchen window!  At least it's not a blizzard, so it won't be that bad!

   Tomorrow, I'll show you the baby outfit I am working on and a scarf and hat that I have finished.  Until then, be safe, have fun and remember to say Hi to every one you see.  You just might make someone's day!



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  1. Hi, Deb! I love to crochet--that is, I used to love to crochet. I once made an enormous afghan. Each square was made up of a different kind of crochet stitch, and it was really a challenge. There's a picture of it in one of the crafts books Sister Susan published before she retired from Oxmoor House. I sold that blanket on Ebay.

    I never learned to knit more than just the basic stitches.

    Hope you can enjoy the snowfall instead of being trapped or frozen by it. In the abstract, I love snow. But if we ever get a real snowfall here in Alabama, it causes all kinds of problems.

    Keep warm!