Thursday, February 16, 2012

Best laid plans

   Do you ever get so distracted that nothing seems to get done?  Well, that was my day yesterday.  I got up and said to myself that after Laura went to school, I would get on the computer and do a posting. HA!  That did not happen!

   It was my own fault.  First I thought I would quickly check my e-mail.  Well, e-mail from a crochet site.  Must check that out.  Then it was, "Oh, my goodness, that is SO ADORABLE!  Must have a look at that pattern."  So, of course I clicked on it.  Loved it!  Oh, that pattern is in a book?  What book?  Must search for it.  Does my library have it?  Is it on Amazon?  Is it an e-book?  So, off I went in search of it.

   Well, after a break to eat, wash dishes, go get some groceries, I finally got home.  Oop, didn't write my post.  Must go do that.  Wait, what did I write down here on my scratch pad?  Oh, a new stitch I want to try to learn so I could work it into a new blanket.  Off I go in search of stitch instructions.

   Do you see a pattern developing?  Yup, you guessed it.  9:45 last night, I am working on this 'new stitch' and remembered I had not posted yet!!  Seriously, I think I am getting adult ADHD or something!  Maybe my mind is so full of new things I am learning, I just can't remember to do the simple things!  Actually, I think I am just getting old and having brain fog :)

   So, what have we learned?  When needing to post, DO NOT get distracted!  Go straight to your blog, do not check e-mail or look at any new anything.  Just post first, and enjoy later!  I'm hoping I'll remember that advice past this morning!
   Have a wonderful day wherever you are.  Stay warm and always remember that every day is a good day, just some are better than others!

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  1. Hi, Deb! The day you describe sounds to me like a perfectly normal day. If I succeed in doing one thing that I planned, I call it a well-spent day. I love your blog--it's so pretty and cheerful!

    Mo is nowhere to be found this morning. I fear he may be over in the Happy Hunting Grounds.

    I myself woke up with a panic attack. Had to exercise, then walk three times around the dollhouse, to assure myself that I was breathing.

    Otherwise, it's a beautiful sunny day.

    Hugs - JR