Monday, December 15, 2014 far

It's been a funny sort of month.  So many small things have happened. Some big things, too.  The weather is crazy for this time of year.  This time last year, Indiana was covered in snow.  Here in Goshen, we had snow that almost came up to my windows and temps were never above 20 degrees. This year?  Well, it seems that Indiana thinks it is now California! We had a brief snow, lasting for several hours, but melted within a day. We have days that might have dipped down to 34, but more days that have been in the high 40's.  Today they predicate 50!  I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, or, actually, the other snowflake!

The good news that made the month?  My daughter, Ashleigh, is now engaged!  As a mom, we always want the best for our children.  All of my older daughters have been in a marriage that has not worked out for them and has ended in divorce.  Very sad, that is.   Always breaks your heart.  Ashleigh has had her share of heartache.  Now, she is so happy with her guy, John.  He is so very kind and loving.  He has been with her for over a year and has helped her in ways I will never know.  He adores Ashleigh's daughter, Little B and B adores him!  In fact, he is the person she walked to first!  Yep, Little B took her first steps about 2 weeks ago! It is always a wonder to see those first steps. It helps us remember that the little things count the most. I also experienced something that made my heart soar.  John came to me and asked if I would allow him to marry Ashleigh!  I have never had any of the guys asked that before!  I'm not sure, but I truly think that it was love at first sight for John! He really is a remarkable man and I am so glad he loves Ashleigh and B so much.

On the sad side of this month, Laura and I lost our dear, sweet cat, Keeko, on Dec. 11.  He found us one crisp October morning in 2006.  No one in the neighborhood had ever seen him before and no one claimed him, so he became part of our family.  He never even flinched when Laura named him Keeko. He was a blessing to us.  As years progressed and situations changed, he was a constant for us both. He became a therapy animal for Laura.  He was always there when she needed him.  He had this way about him, always knowing when Laura or I needed some love.  He would come up to us and just lay his head on us.  His purring was always so soothing, even though it was, at times, as loud as a Hoover!

I am trying to not stress out this holiday season.  Not only is it bad for health reasons, but stressing out over the holidays just takes all of the fun out! So many new things this holiday; new baby, new fiance, no Keeko. Happy with the sad. But isn't that life?

I hope all of you are keeping the holiday season stress-free. Remember what the season is about: love, family, beliefs.  Don't let commercialism invade.  Hugs and kisses are worth more than any other gift you can give.

Until next time, be happy this holiday season.  Hug, love, laugh.  That's what makes life worth it all.

Hugs to you all,